Stuff-O-Rama: for people who love stuff!

Located on the Central Coast of California since 1997, online since 1998, Stuff-O-Rama brings people fun and unusual items at a small price. Teri Peterson opened Stuff-O-Rama in 1997, it once started as a brick and mortar novelty gift shop that has transformed into an online store. Although it is currently on a much smaller scale than when started, Teri continues to still makes hand made accessories are made with curated fabrics, both vintage and modern, to create fun, vibrant, and unique items with a retro feel.

Stuff-O-Rama is handmade purses, handbags, aprons, wallets, wristlets, and other accessories from vintage, reproduction vintage, and modern fabrics, often collaborating with artists to create unique, one of a kind items. Stuff-O-Rama also has a selection of vintage and retro items, and is a reseller of Hawaiian Souvenir items, such as hula dolls, resin tikis, and carved tikis from the Pacific Islands that are only available at the website at stufforama.com

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